Flatbed Trailer

Save on moving trips by cutting your loads in half with our Flatbed trailers that’s built to deliver the maximum available loading space on an extruded aluminum floor.

Trailer Specifications


 G.V.M 750Kg
 Tare Mass 160Kg
 Length 3.1m
 Width 2.05m
 Height 0.5m

Trailer Features

Tyre Size 195 x 13″ or 215 x 14″
Frame & Chassis Heavy duty aluminium channel
Floor 22.5 mm reinforced extruded aluminium
Body 18.5mm double panelled extruted aluminium

Trailer Includes:

  • The Basic Trailer
  • Aluminium Nosecone
  • Rims and Tyres, Includes Spares
  • Complete Axle and Coupler
  • LED Lights

Optional Extras:

  • Braked Axle